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Tourmaline's Notepad

Things that started in December and keep getting more and more interesting

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I'm a fanfic writer, cheerleader, and....myself. I'm innocent yet diverse.

I started writing in this journal December 12th, 2004 and wrote my last entry December 12th, 2005. So much changed during that year. I now use this journal as a place for my stamps and suchlike. I continue my adventure of life at beruche.

I Am A Disney Damsel.. Join And Become One Too!

"You just don't care what people think. But it's hard to do because people tell you what they think all the time. It's sort of nuts."- -Sandra Oh, voice of Ting-Ting.

Believe it or not (yeah, you probably believe it),
I'm Griselda at the Winx Club blog crew! Join?

Griselda is Love.


(Truly, I am not nor would I want to be like Griselda. I know someone who is. Read my journal to find out.)

I (and the person I just mentioned) meant a girl of lots of spirit this summer, on "our lives on holiday!" Her name was Molly. We'll see her again in Heaven.

This Doll is in Memory of Molly.

~If somebody came to tell you lots of crazy things,
And expected you to laugh and think she's funny.
You would probably want to say that she's annoying.

If you knew where she lived and what had happened
You'd be amazed and realize she's a gift to this world,
This happy girl!~

Sometimes you meet people who will be a source of inspiration and hope at exactly when you need it. We all need more of Molly's spirit, which is truly a blessing in disguise.

I am Tigerlily!

I have also claimed Snow White at kh_claims.
And I'm Terra at the Teen Titans blogcrew! Join?

Rating Community Stamps!

Accepted at princesscom! These first six are from there:

My favourite Disney girl of all time! I'm pleased to be stamped as her.

And Vlad, he's great. You can find out what prince (or animated guy) you're most like, too! I love Vlad, this one goes out to Chris.

I can't be a princess without also being a villian! Cruella's defintly one of my faves, she's so over-the-top.

It's <3 time! What a sweet couple, kodak moment!

And my lovely awesome animal stamp. I've loved Rita since forever! I used to have a dog like her.

And my cat Han-Han got stamped- -as a dog. <^..^> Woof!

~~Etc. Stamping~~

This is the suite life- -and this is London, a unique resident of the suite.

There are many girls who are princesses. But there are all kinds of members of the court. I am proud to say I would be a duchess.

Nice to meet you. I am a Fairy Enchantress. Drama and Transformations included. ;)

Musa, what's not to love? She was and always will be my favourite Winx girl.

Snow White at heart forever. I am actually Snow White in a real life Disney Princess Club.

Yes, there's a stamping community for Corpse Bride. Remember what happened when Victoria asked her parents if they liked each other just a bit?

Mermaid_Rating! To find out which character from The Little Mermaid series you're most like! I'm 100% Alana. And I'm honoured, because I find her the sweetest character on the whole series. Not perfect. Fits-in-too-much, but still a kind soul.

My Unfortunate Only Tie:

Count Olaf's girlfriend, Esme!

Esme's "daughter," Carmelita!
(Those two are like Tina and me gone wrong. Or our alter-egos. Either way, enjoy the series!)

If I was ever a Sailor Moon villian, I'd have to be Beruche. I unanimously got voted as her, which is awesome!

I wondered ever since I was a little girl which Sailor Moon senshi I was most like. I should of known!

I'm the first person to be voted a guy character on Tokyo Mew Mew. And I'm a girl!

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Well ok...Pearl Krabs doesn't live in a pineapple, but she's the resident of Bikini Bottom I'm most like! ;)

Yes, kp_rating exists. So, I got the snob. Heh.